Who is Kayla?

I am Kayla. I am always super awkward at writing these about me sections because I feel like I am supposed to sit here and tell you how great I am and  all the wonderful things that I do and in all reality I’m just not that person.

I am your everyday chick that runs around like a mad woman looking for the closest Starbucks. I run a Photography Company (Clever Candid Photography) and a Marketing and Appearance Company (KB Management).

I have been shooting Photography for almost 10 years now. (HOLY COW, it has already been 10 years.) I specialize in Weddings and stylized shoots. I do not shoot anyone under the age of 18 years old. It is just not my thing and I am 100% going to tell you “NO!” when you ask me to take your child’s photos. Its has nothing to do with you or your child and 100% to do with me.

I am going into my 5th wedding season (as of 2020). I wouldn’t change my wedding clientele for the world. They are some of the most unique and coolest people I have ever met. They have all inspired me in different ways! I just love their stories and how they each have fallen in love <3!

KB Management is still relatively new and still evolving everyday! I am currently helping small businesses meet and connect with their ideal clientele using resources like social media and advanced marketing strategies. There is so much more coming up the pipeline for KB Management so Keep and eye out!

My Husband – Ken

I wanted to introduce you to my husband Ken while we were here. He is a huge part of my journey. (Whether he wants to believe it or not.) He has been a huge support for me regardless of how ridiculous an idea might be for me. He is the first person to say “why not give it a shot” or “it won’t hurt to try it.”

We started dating in late 2012 and got married 4 years later on September 17th, 2016. We have bought our dream home in a small town on acreage in south eastern Michigan. We have even started traveling the world together.

We have been to Canada, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Bali. We also have a bucket list of countries we still want to see that is about 10 miles long.

Overall, I wanted to spend a second and say THANK YOU to Ken. Thank you for supporting my crazy dreams. Thank you for being my driving force when I have needed you to be. Thank you for being my better half and being my everyday Prince Charming.

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